Spiritual Messages:
Fr. Bruno Korošak
About the Influence of the Holy Spirit - Bruno Jožef Korošak
Congratulations, Fr. Bruno Korošak
Teološki esej o genocidih (Theological Essay on Genocide) - Bruno Jožef Korošak
The Holy Spirit and the Sacraments - Bruno Jožef Korošak

All Saint's Day in post-Communist Slovenia
Assumption Day - August 15th
Carantanian All Saints' Day - February 5th
Cvetana Priol
Decree of »heroic virtues« for Carl I, Emperor of Austria   
Good Friday is called Great Friday
Holy Rosary
Maj, Marijin mesec
Mercy of the Holy Baptism
Proclamation of Blessing to honour Carl I, Emperor of Austria
Relief of Blessed Anton Martin Slomšek
Srecen Božic - Merry Christmas 2005
The beatification of Emperor Carl I
The Crucifix
The Legend of the "Repentant Sinner"
The month of May is consecrated to Mary's veneration
The Rosary
Vstajenje (Resurrection)

Pilgrimages and Festivities

Christmas in Slovenia
Corpus Christ Day
Domenica 21 novembre 2005,  Festa della Salute
Easter Horseback Riding in Upper Lusatia - Easter 2005
Easter in Slovenia
Frederick Baraga
Bishop Baraga's Grave
Gospa od Zdravlja - Hail Holy Queen
Gospa Sveta (Maria Saal)
Gospa Sveta (Maria Saal) a place of welcome for Slovenian Pilgrims
Immaculate Conception
John Paul II †
Mary, the Queen of Peace
Musica Sacra Slovenica
Nativity - Christmas 2004
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI will visit Aquileia in May 2011
St. Mary's Assumption - Vnebovzetje Marijino
Sveta gora
The Crucifix Group - Good Friday
The Family of Mary's and Jesus' Heart
The Pilgrimage Church of Gräbern
Vsi Sveti - (All Saints' Day)
Vstajenje (Resurrection, Auferstehung) - Easter 2005