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The Counts of Friesach in the 11th century. It was part of the German empire, now Slovenia. Did the line become extinct with St.Hemma (d.1044) and her son William II?

The information you have found appears to be misleading. Friesach was within the lands of a comital dynasty, but they are usually referred to as counts of the Upper Salzburggau, or counts in Carinthia, rather than of Friesach in particular.

According to Franz Tyroller [in _Genealogische Tafeln zur mitteleuropischen Geschichte_, edited by Wilhelm Wegener (Goettingen, 1962-1969), 118-120 & table 7], Count William I is recorded in Carinthia in 923/4, William II in 959/63. The latter was father of William III (died 29 September ca 1010, whose wife was Leopirgis (died 20 August, year unknown) and a younger son named Liutold I (occurring in 963).

William III & Leopirgis were parents of William IV and Liutold II. William IV was also margrave on the Sann - he was murdered on 20 March 1036. His wife was the Hemma you have as dying in 1044, but only the date of her death (29 June) is recorded and not the year. She outlived her husband and both their sons, Hartwig and William V (who is usually called count of Friesach), leaving no further descendants. Hemma was described as countess of Friesach & Traunkirchen ("comitissa de Frisaco et de Truhsen") in an account of
Balduin, archbishop of Salzburg (1042/60). She is sometimes called Hemma of Gurk from her notice in a necrology of Salzburg cathedral ("Hemma comitissa de Gurka").

Liutold II married Willibirg. Her mother had the same name. They were ancestors of the Counts of Plain and Hardeck: this line became extinct in the late 13th century.

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Hemma of Gurk (source: Wikipedia)

Hemma, Markgräfin an der Sann - Gräfin von Friesach und Trixen