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Heraldry of Carantania
Heraldry and Genealogy of Carantania-Slovenia
The Coat of arms of Carantania
Carantania and its full coat of arms
Carantanian Hat - Heraldry of Carantania Slovenia
Black Panther - the coat of arms of Carantania
The Blue Panther
Chief Point of Carantania
The Coat of Arms of Historical Provinces in Slovenia
The Panther of Styria
Carantanian Heraldry
Carantanian Panther and its Heraldic Varieties
Panthers of Carantania
The Helmet of Carantania
The Peacock Feather Tuft of Carantania
Slovenia - The Flag and the Coat of Arms
Milstat in njegov grb
New heraldry of Carantania
The Panther of Carantania and its heraldic varieties
Great Carantania and its Heraldic Legacy
Pale, Fess and Bend
The Carantanian Panther and other signs, in Friuli
The coat of arms of the Isle of Cres
Slovenians and the Habsburg dynasty
Coat of arms of the Stadtrichter Zeller-Haus
The Counts of Plain and their coats of arms
The Counts of Andechs and their coat of arms
   The Counts of Goerz and their coat of arms
The Ottakars and their coats of arms
The Paradaisers and their coat of arms
The Counts of Attems
Counts and Princes of Lamberg
The Ungnads
Counts and Princes of Turjak - Auersperg
Counts and Princes of Khevenhueller - Metsch
Heraldika Herberstein
The Princes of Windisch-Graetz and their coats of arms