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April 25, 2009

I am Slovenian, but I am not Slav.
With large block letters written by pan-Slavia.com. Danubia index hotmail is stating that I am of Danubian Slav origin and civilization including Danubian language. They are making an effort to convert Slovenian citizens to their ideology. To answer to Pan-Slavia does not take much effort, except that my answer would not be proper for this organization, because, I am Slovenian who is not sure of what Slavic origin. Even when I wanted to be of Slavic origin there is present an obstacle that I should do so, because my father's mother was of German origin, therefore, the Slavic people confiscated all my father's properties, which was to become my inheritance. Until today, these properties have not been returned, therefore, I do not feel of pan-Slavic mentality. My uncle was Slovenian, too, and it did not make any difference. He was shot and his property was confiscated. Why should I feel of Slavic origin? Pan-Slavic theory is damaging to my Slovenianhood. The damage has been done and it is only I who can make a judgment of it.

Borut Prah - Carantha (Canadian)